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  I am a Program Evaluation Consultant with a Ph.D. from the Department of Human Development at Cornell University. I also hold a Postdoctoral Fellowship with the University of Michigan. As a consultant, I specialize in the iterative evaluation of programs that emphasize increased interest and performance in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields (STEM) among underrepresented minorities (URMs). I employ principles of culturally responsive evaluation and systems heuristics to design and implement evaluations which situate programs within complex social and organizational systems.

As a researcher, my interests follow two lines of inquiry that converge on a central concern for the learning, cognitive development, and performance of minority students in the sciences. The first line of research draws from literature on scientific reasoning to frame a discussion for how individuals are believed to reason about science problems (causal reasoning) and proposes investigations for the role of cultural experience in scientific reasoning and learning in adolescents. In a second line of research I focus on the ecological space surrounding the cognitive development and performance of minority students in STEM through an investigation of appropriate program evaluation methods. In this research, I advocate for a systems approach to program evaluation which strengthens the cultural responsiveness of evaluation methods used in science-based programs which target minority student populations.

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